SYSPA-Almost Done For You Service


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Make your payment and send both your internal document and High Resolution cover image files to You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your payment and documents. The 72 hour clock starts upon receipt of that confirmation email.

We go through your documents and find any issues that need to be fixed based on your platform’s known formatting requirements. We do not edit text as a part of this service.  We do go through your documents and check for conflicts with your preferred platform’s requirements:

  • font issues
  • page trim sizes
  • Table of Contents link problems
  • blank pages
  • formatting
  • bleed issues
  • spine text sizing
  • and moreWe fix the issues and send them back to you with a 72 hour turn around time (usually sooner). You upload the files on the platform and hit submit.We guarantee the document fixes. We will make any and all fixes necessary to make the documents acceptable to your platform as many times as it takes IF they are found to be the problem.If issues continue, and it is not a problem with the documents that you are uploading yourself, it is not covered by this level of service.  We offer the chat Walk-through Issue Resolution Service or the Done For You Service to resolve technical issues.


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