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You’ve spent your time diligently trying to get your book self-published on a new platform. You have spent time and money on edits and creating a professional quality cover design. You upload your files, excitedly waiting for your book to go live.  Instead, you get an email notifying you that there was a problem with your files. They need to be fixed before your book can be published!


You know that your life will completely change once you take this next step. Freedom and time to live the life you have always wanted to live is just the other side of your book going live. You don’t need hang ups and you really don’t have time to spend researching the problem, fixing it, then trying again with hope.

Don’t give up!  We can help!

We can take the problem off your hands and you can take back your time and freedom!

Don’t waste another minute and lose money spending the time trying to figure out what is wrong, fixing it, and repeat until it finally works for you.   We know the platform’s requirements, have the formatting tools and know how already to just get it done!

Here’s how it works:
Step 1) You pay for the service now and email your documents and platform account access information to [email protected].

Step 2) We comb through the files and fix any formatting issues that might prevent them from being approved and your book going live.

Step 3) We upload the documents to the platform and hit submit.  While we advertise our turn around time for these first 3 steps is 72 hours, our average is much closer to 24 hours.

Step 4) You watch your email for messages that the book either went live or there were additional errors. Platforms generally take 24-72 hours to make their determination and email you.

  • If there are additional errors, forward the email to us and we will look into it. If the issue is a formatting one or something technical we can easily fix with the platform, we will fix it.  If the issue is a technical one we will let you know and make a recommendation for how to proceed.  Most of the time, the issue is formatting related. Sometimes, it is not.  We can fix or work around those too, but they are not covered by this service.
  • We DO NOT access any financial or contact information pages on the platform. With some platforms (like Ingram Spark) there are book set up and other fees.  If the platform of your choice is one of these, we will email you directly about how we handle this.

Step 5) We send you an email when the book is live congratulating you on the success of publishing your book and remind you to reset your account password.

Step 6) You do your happy dance, start making sales of your book on the new platform, and send us a raving review!

Take back your time and your freedom and put us to work for you today!



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