Terrible Friend by Christy Mann


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In a world where the supernatural hides in plain sight, three unlikely heroes must unite to prevent an impending catastrophe. Albert has struggled with schizophrenia his whole life, only to discover that the voices tormenting him are a demon named Jaxxalox, bound to him since childhood. As Albert grapples with this revelation, he’s thrust into a realm of supernatural complexities he’s reluctant to accept.

Jaxxalox, a demon gifted in finding lost things, inadvertently turned Albert into an extraordinary finder of lost treasures. When the duo stumbles upon a mysterious necklace on a desolate beach, their attempt to return it to its rightful owner sets off a chain of events that threatens the world. Joined by Beverly, a woman with her own enigmatic past, the trio battles a cult intent on unleashing a world-devouring demon.

“Terrible Friend” weaves a gripping narrative of camaraderie, redemption, and confronting inner demons. As Albert, bound to Jaxxalox since his youth, struggles to embrace his newfound reality, the trio races against time to thwart impending disaster. In a riveting blend of suspense and supernatural intrigue, Christy Mann explores the power of unconventional alliances and the strength found in the most unexpected places.

Prepare to be captivated by this tale of unlikely friendships and extraordinary discoveries, as three individuals must overcome their differences to save the world from the brink of destruction.


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