Ad Services

Twisted Souls Press offers advertising space in several prime locations on the site as a means to cover our overhead expenses, and grow our own advertising budget, while keeping our payment to our contracted authors high, and us in demand! Contact Us to set up your ad today! We are working on setting up sales pages for the ad services as subscription services. Please bear with us as those take a little longer to produce than a standard product sales page. 

Your ad gets seen by several audience types.

  1. As a book publisher, we get visitors who are on the lookout for publishers open to submissions constantly. Submissions come through HeyPublisher, so we are advertised as a book publisher on their site at no cost, but we are also on several lists of “publishers accepting submissions” all across the internet. 
  2. As a bookstore, we get visitors looking for their next book to read, gifts and novelty items, music, and more. We have a distribution contract with Ingram Spark and use print on demand and drop shipping for products, eliminating a need to hold a lot of inventory, and can swap out low performing products quickly and cost-efficiently and visitors coming back to see what’s new repeatedly. 
  3. We send out a monthly newsletter telling our visitors about new products, published works, and any special offers we and/or our advertisers have on the 15th of the month. 
  4. As a publishing assistance service for self-publishing authors, we get visitors who are looking for aid in getting their book published on platforms that place their books in various marketplaces. They are looking for tools and options to make writing, publishing, and marketing easier, quicker, and more cost efficient. 


Our Ad Spaces are monthly rentals on ad carousels in prime visibility locations right next to our newsletter sign up spaces across our website. Each location is a separate cost, but include monthly reports of views by week, total visitors, and clicks on your ad. Your ad is clickable and will take visitors right to the location you determine at set up.

Footer on all pages (12 Pages)- $500/month

Bookstore Page- Located after text, before category list- $150/month

Check Out Page -$200/month

Publishing Pages (3 pages) -$100/page or all 3 pages for $250

All Locations- $1050/month

Fine Print:

This is a monthly service paid for monthly. Minor changes to ads can be made quarterly. Modified ad images can be made 4 times a year. Modified ad must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to have the new ad display the next month. Minor changes include phone number, physical or email address, and website. Changing the name of the business or the image is creating a new ad. Contact name and at least 1 piece of contact information must appear on the ad.

Reports are compiled from information provided by Ultimate Ads Manager, our sales reports, and Google Analytics.

Pricing is determined by time spent by our staff adding your ad to the carousel(s), testing on every page, and compiling and sending monthly reports.

Ad creation can be done for you for $100, otherwise ad creation is to be done by the advertiser and sent via email once payment has been made. Ad should be high quality, 300 dpi, square or rectangle.