Publishing Services

To say that we aren’t your average publishing company is an understatement. It’s not about us, what we can make, and how we can become successful. Its about the authors who invest thousands of hours creating something amazing being able to thrive and achieve all of their goals while under a contract with a publisher.

What we offer is far more than just a standard publishing contract.

Custom Built Contracts for each Author

We don’t do cookie cutter here. The only thing consistent across every contract is our rate of 15% for 3 years and what we give to our authors as part of their base package. The usual things like editing, cover design, and formatting, distribution set up, and launch promotion are always included.

It can go in so many different directions from there it’s hard to put into words. Our knowledge of the industry and connections that we have allows us to really listen to our authors and discover what their ultimate goals are, and create a customized package of terms that meets their needs to achieve those goals. Every book does not need to be on every platform just because they can be and we don’t believe you win long term by throwing nets out in every direction and seeing what gets caught. It’s costly, inefficient time management, and wins are very short term.

Bookstore Sales Pages

Our bookstore gives us an up to the minute finger on the pulse of the book market (who is buying what, what aren’t they buying) in real time. We get reports from other platforms as well, but it can take weeks because most retailers report sales the month after they happen to the platform and then the platform send reports to us the following month.

Copies sold through our bookstore pay more to our authors, their books and other products of theirs can be added to the store for a small fee, and they receive all proceeds from sales through the store of their products, and we don’t count those sales as royalties under their contract.

Visibility and Credibility

Visibility and credibility are the two big things authors turn to publishers to get. Exposure that results in sales is great from a number’s perspective, but you also need those buyers reading or you have to spend more and more time promoting to keep the momentum up. It leaves little time for more writing, connecting with readers. Credibility from a publisher comes from the publisher’s reputation as a company and how well they take care of their authors.

We are a very new publisher in the grand scheme of things, but we pride ourselves on the care we take of our authors, and those that don’t publish through us. We aren’t right for every author, but that is because we want every author’s success to be their own.

We’ve spent years making connections and building relationships with people who want to help others in various ways. The having even a small hand in the success of others is what really makes them feel successful themselves so they do what needs to be done to see that happen. Our team members are those people. The businesses we partner with also have those people on board.

We are always looking for other companies to connect and possibly partner with to grow our exposure so our authors benefit, see themselves hitting goals, feeling supported 100%, and are much more encouraged to keep going.

If you are an author looking for someone that will help you figure out the best plan for your author business, reach out to us. We are always happy to help any way we can, even if you don’t sign a contract with us. Authors becoming and feeling successful is what is really matters to us.

If you are an author with a manuscript looking for a home, submit it to us. We’ll give it a look over and even if we don’t select it for publication, we can still offer options and opportunities that can help you move forward.

Whatever you do from here, we sincerely wish you the very best of luck and more success than you ever dreamed possible!

Twisted Souls Press <3