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Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance is here to help you self-publish! Let us apply our publishing experience to your self-publishing journey so you succeed!

In our experience, self-publishing is a harder trek and the payoffs are fewer and further between at first, but the payoffs in the long-run can be much better for authors with good business sense and marketing skills.

Even though we are a book publisher, we support self-publishing 100%. We know that self-publishing means more money in an author’s pocket, for starters, and that we definitely support! There are hiccups and glitches an author can experience along the way no matter their level of experience. They can delay deadlines and completely derail the best laid marketing plans by weeks. It really can make you pull your hair out and cost you some sanity, among other things.

Our years of experience with just about every distributor and printer platform out there (KDP, Ingram Spark, Smashwords, WattPad, Draft2Digital, etc) means we’ve encountered just about every glitch and hiccup you can imagine, and know how to fix it, quickly.

Don’t spend days or weeks trying to figure out why your files won’t get approved. Hire us to fix it, save that beautiful head of hair, and get you live asap while you still have some sanity left!

Check out these Publishing and Marketing Assistance Services and Save Your Hair and Sanity Today!

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