For Self-Publishers

Save Your Sanity Publishing Assistance is here to help you self-publish! Traditional publishing is no longer the only way to get it done.

Our publishing experience allows us to do a lot with and for contracted authors, but some decide they would prefer to self-publish. In our experience, it’s a harder trek, the payoffs are fewer and further between, and the fails are all on you. It’s certainly more stressful to say the very least. We are always harder on ourselves than others are on us.

Even though we are a book publisher, we support self-publishing 100%. We know that self-publishing means more money in an author’s pocket, for starters, and that we definitely support! It’s not for everyone though, so we offer our expertise and services to both.

Self-publishing requires a lot of skills, persistence, and more to overcome the obstacles and breaks in the road that always accompanies publishing but only publishers had to deal with, until recently. It usually isn’t until after you decide to self-publish that a lot of these thing are discovered. A formatting issue can cause big delays if you don’t know how to fix it and you’ve spent days trying.

Let us save that beautiful head of hair of yours and some of your sanity, but you keep all the credit!

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