An Ageless Promise (Promise Trilogy Book 1)


Dive into “An Ageless Promise,” where Lord Fallon, cursed by vampirism and dark Faye spells, seeks to banish the encroaching darkness in Ravenwood. With loyal companion McClearn, they lead a diverse coalition against a malevolent master vampire and the profound darkness within humanity. Elves, fairies, and dwarfs unite in a supernatural struggle, weaving a gripping tale of love, loyalty, and the eternal battle between light and darkness.

494 Pages Print Paperback

Genre: Pagan Fiction

Author: Christopher Goben aka “The Raven”

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Enter the world of Lord Fallon, a man not only cursed as a vampire but by a spell of the dark Faye. Doomed now to live forever until true love can set him free. He sets out on a quest to save his people from the darkness that plagues his lands of Ravenwood. The night Fallon was cursed McClearn, the father of the woman who cursed him, took a vow to the wolf Gods that no lord should live without a servant and protector. Now, side by side, the two will now fight many dangers. One as a vampire and one as a Lycan. Throughout the years, they will be joined by dwarfs, fairy, elves, and much more in destroying not only the master vampire but a much darker villain called man. A darkness that threatens the old ways of the God and Goddess and the hope of An Ageless Promise.

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