Rainbow Witch’s 2018 Almanac by Nixie Vale




Written and Published by Nixie Vale

The Ramblings of a Rainbow Witch’s 2018 Almanac contains information and dates for the Sabbats, Retrograde Phases, Moon Phases, Moon Names. Birthstones and much more. The RoaRW Almanac is born from a love and passion for Paganism and Witchcraft. There isn’t an Almanac out there like this one, and what makes it unique is that it is suitable for both Hemispheres. The Almanac also contains information on magical aspects of the days of the week and the times of the day. Colour is an important to the Rainbow Witch and she has opened the door for others to learn about colour magic, it’s uses and it’s beauty. Do you want an Almanac with a difference? This is the Almanac for you.


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