Taught by Time: Myth Goes Punk


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Contributor(s): Gyzander, Carol (Editor) , Perkins, Katherine (Author) , Declerck, Amy (Author)

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12 stories based on classics of mythology and folklore re-imagined in various ‘punk’ science fiction genres. Cyberpunk Hades and PersephoneA Steampunk Flying DutchmanCyberpunk Little Red Riding HoodNoirpunk CinderellaSteampunk Hansel and GretelAtompunk Helen of TroyBiopunk TheseusSteampunk The Lost PrincessDieselpunk BeowulfDreadpunk Althaea, Meleager, and the Three FatesBiopunk Echo and Narcissusand Biopunk OdysseyIn Writerpunk Press’s 6th anthology, we approach world myth and folklore through the lens of science fiction, with a variety of authors and perspectives. As with all previous volumes, profits generated by sales of the anthology go to benefit PAWS Animal Rescue in Lynwood, WA.


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