Dear Twisted Souls,

We are thrilled to announce a truly magical addition to the Twisted Souls Press family – the internationally renowned Wiccan priestess, mystical practitioner, and acclaimed author, Tamara Von Forslon, also known as The Witch of Oz!

Tamara Von Forslon’s journey as The Witch of Oz has captivated audiences around the world, inspiring seekers of all paths to explore the wonders of magic, spirituality, and personal transformation. With her deep connection to the mysteries of the Craft and her unwavering dedication to sharing its wisdom, Tamara has become a beacon of light and inspiration for countless individuals across the globe.

At Twisted Souls Press, we are dedicated to amplifying diverse voices and perspectives, and we are honored to welcome Tamara and her unique brand of magic to our publishing family. As an international author, Tamara brings a wealth of cultural insights, spiritual wisdom, and global perspective to her work, enriching the lives of readers everywhere with her profound teachings and transformative storytelling.

In the coming months, we will be rereleasing a series of magical works penned by Tamara, covering a wide range of topics including Wiccan spirituality, spell craft, herbalism, divination, and more. From practical guides to mystical musings, Tamara’s work promises to inspire, enlighten, and empower readers of all backgrounds, cultures, and traditions.

Stay tuned for updates on Tamara’s upcoming releases, exclusive content, and events around the country where you can connect with The Witch of Oz herself and delve deeper into the mysteries of the Craft. We invite you to join us on this magickal journey as we embrace the wonders of global magic with Tamara Von Forslon as our guide.

To Tamara, we extend a warm welcome to the Twisted Souls Press family. We are honored to have you share your magic with readers around the world, and we cannot wait to witness the transformative impact your work will have on the global community.

To our readers, both near and far, we invite you to open your hearts and minds to the magic of Tamara Von Forslon, The Witch of Oz. May her teachings inspire you, empower you, and guide you on your own magickal journey, wherever it may lead.

Welcome to Twisted Souls Press, Tamara. May your magic reach every corner of the globe and illuminate the world with its brilliance.

Blessed be.

Author: Christy

Christy Mann emerges as a visionary force, navigating the realms of horror, thriller, metaphysical, and self-help genres with an unparalleled passion. As an accomplished author, Christy delves into the depths of the human psyche, crafting narratives that leave an indelible mark on the reader's imagination. Beyond the realms of darkness and fear, she dons the hat of a dedicated publisher, steering Twisted Souls Press to new heights. Christy's unique blend of trial and error education, coupled with an above-average IQ and what some may call psychic abilities, propels her into the echelons of literary excellence. Her introspective and cross-connecting approach to work unveils the big picture curse, enabling her to project scenarios 30 to 50 steps ahead. At the helm of a publishing company, an author business, and a metaphysical media platform, Christy Mann stands as a true luminary in the world of words. Through her three websites and strategic distributions, she not only showcases her own captivating content but also provides a platform for other voices to resonate. With an unwavering commitment to the craft and a penchant for unraveling the intricacies of the human experience, Christy invites readers into a realm where shadows dance, souls twist, and narratives...