Character Reveal from Christy Mann. Author of Terrible Friend releasing September 30th, 2023!


We sat down with Christy Mann to discuss one of the main characters in Terrible Friend. Stay tuned for an in depth interview about character creation, but enjoy Albert’s Character Profile in the mean time!

Character Profile: Albert in “Terrible Friend”

Name: Albert

Age: 40

Physical Appearance: Albert stands at an imposing 6’5″ with a bulky build. His white blonde hair, usually braided, cascades to the middle of his back. Icy blue eyes contrast with his rosy skin. He typically dresses in cargo shorts or jeans paired with t-shirts.

Personality: Albert is like a teddy bear with a short fuse, constantly tense and prone to panicking or launching into rants. He’s being medicated for a condition he doesn’t actually have. His life is further complicated by a demon named Jaxalox, whose voice and minions never leave him in peace.

Background: Albert works as a private investigator motivated by one thing: keeping Jaxalox calm by finding lost objects. His success has kept him financially stable for 30 years, despite run-ins with law enforcement, notably Detective Kovach. He struggles to trust or form relationships due to the tragic death of his stepdaughter, Daphne, while he was distracted by Jaxalox.

Internal Struggles: Albert grapples with schizophrenia, believing Jaxalox is merely a symptom. However, when he discovers that Jaxalox is a demon bound to him since childhood, his world unravels. Now, he must confront supernatural forces, even if he doesn’t believe in them, to prevent the impending threat of world destruction.

Character Arc: Throughout “Terrible Friend,” Albert undergoes a transformative journey as he reluctantly accepts his new reality, wrestles with his own demons, and confronts the challenge of saving the world from impending doom.

Explore Albert’s gripping journey in “Terrible Friend” as he battles inner and outer demons, leading readers through a thrilling and emotionally charged narrative!

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