Twisted Souls Press LLC Featured Authors,New Products,Publication,The Craft of Writing 🌙✨ Embracing Change: An Ode to Pagan Fiction with “An Ageless Promise” by Christopher Goben “aka” The Raven✨🌙

🌙✨ Embracing Change: An Ode to Pagan Fiction with “An Ageless Promise” by Christopher Goben “aka” The Raven✨🌙

🌙✨ Embracing Change: An Ode to Pagan Fiction with “An Ageless Promise” by Christopher Goben “aka” The Raven✨🌙 post thumbnail image

In the mystical realms of literature, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Christopher Goben’s captivating book, “An Ageless Promise (Promise Trilogy Book 1),” to the hallowed shelves of Twisted Souls Press Bookstore. More than just a tale, this book holds a beacon of change in the publishing industry.

The author, Christopher Goben, also known as The Raven, has embarked on a courageous journey, leading a charge for transformative shifts in how books are categorized. His steadfast declaration of “An Ageless Promise” as Pagan Fiction is not just a label; it’s a call for recognition in an industry where Pagan Fiction needs to be a Genre all its own.

The heart of the matter lies in the nuanced distinctions between Fantasy magic and Pagan magic. In authentic pagan magic, there are profound spiritual and personal explorations, realizations, transformations, and knowledge of more than just how to destroy someone shouting a few words.

Paganism is a way of life for people. This magic and way of life gets lumped in with fantasy magic, so it is often obscured within the broader fantasy umbrella, where anything goes. It perpetuates the belief that all magic is fantastical, sparkly, and dangerous, or it is fake, and so are the people who live by it.

For us at Twisted Souls Press, this resonates deeply, as our very existence is intertwined with the magic of Paganism on levels we haven’t talked about much. It is there in every aspect of our commitment to doing things differently.

Our commitment to doing things differently is evident in every facet of our operation. From ensuring higher percentages per copy sold go to our authors, to empowering authors with no or expired contracts to navigate and succeed at self-publication, to giving authors a new space to sell books at higher payouts to them, we now champion the cause of getting the Pagan Fiction Genre recognized across platforms. Our founder, Christy Mann is taking a proactive approach by adding the Pagan Fiction category to one of our book’s ISBN numbers. Furthermore, Christy will be reaching out to Ingram Spark as a distributor and bookstore owner to explore the process of officially adding Pagan Fiction as a recognized genre in Ingram Spark’s global catalog.

In our collective effort to champion this transformative journey, we urge you not only to celebrate the addition of “An Ageless Promise” by purchasing it from our online bookstore but also to delve into the enchanting world of Pagan Fiction. Share your experiences with fellow readers, recommend books you’ve cherished that fit this new genre, and when the time comes for your own literary creations and they fit the category, proudly declare them as Pagan Fiction. Together, let’s move the needle and amplify the voice of this extraordinary genre.

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Christy Mann
Author: Christy Mann

Christy Mann is a maestro of the macabre, a virtuoso in the art of weaving dark tales that captivate the senses. As an author, Christy immerses readers in a realm where fear, suspense, and metaphysical intrigue converge. Her pen dances across pages, conjuring narratives that linger in the shadows of the mind long after the last word is read. With an uncanny ability to explore the depths of horror, thriller, and metaphysical genres, Christy's literary creations transcend the ordinary. Her works, a symphony of darkness, delve into the intricacies of the human psyche, offering readers a visceral experience that both chills and mesmerizes. In the world crafted by Christy Mann, each story is a journey into the unknown, where the boundaries between reality and the supernatural blur, leaving an indelible mark on those brave enough to venture into the realms she so masterfully creates.

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  1. I am glad this has finally come into light as I set out on this quest of the Goddess 13 years ago. Many publishers thought I was crazy and that urban fiction was as close as need be. I did not give up as storytelling is my Goddess blessed craft. So when the vision came I set out on the quest. Thanks to Twisted soul press and Christy Mann the Goddess vision is planted and now it is time to nourish the seed and grow the stories we long leave behind.

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